Abol Todd police commissioner; could be running for mayor

Adam Farmer douchebag

Amanda Barry kidnapped girl from South Sundry

Andrea blonde-haired assassin; her red bodysuit appears to be alive

Ava Miller draws inspired pictures from her mind; the dead girl

Benny a creature with a disgusting hand and a hunger for human entrails

Bernard Jenkins IT professional at the downtown PD; dreams of working at a big federal organization

Bobby Jarecki lame; pathetic

Bunion big, black guy; hired thug

Burt Comfry works at Cadence’s; has dirty secrets

Cadence Waigant former nanny; may have murdered her husband’s former wife; runs an independent bookstore

Charles Miller hedge-fund manager; philanthropist; James Miller’s father

Cynthia Taylor Jennifer and Emma Taylor’s vapid mother

Dirtbag vigilante killer; kind of a monster

Emma Taylor courtesan; lives with James Miller

Filco (Major Detective) Atropolis City police detective who should have retired a long time ago; strong resemblance to messenger man

Fort Tortillo grunt kidnapper

Gabriel Kunkel Atropolis City Chronicle political journalist; followed by clouds of vapor; narrator; @MrGabrielKunkel

Grace Mantyh Jennifer Taylor’s BFF; looks too young; loves chemistry; may be a sociopath

Hammond Stryker hired gun; balding, glasses, no conscience; trained grappler

Haruto Sasaki tech nerd at Lockley Academy; hair like a young Jackie Chan

Hasten the most evil cheerleader

Horton Phineas also known as “Moses”

Horus Barnes detective; had a bad encounter with Dirtbag; dirty

Isla Jennifer Taylor’s little look-a-like cousin

Jacob Minor grunt kidnapper

James Miller pro-bono attorney; Ava’s father

James Rolf police homicide detective; his former partner had bad encounter with Dirtbag

Jeffrey Hollander mobster

Jennifer Taylor Lockley Academy school newspaper editor-in-chief

Jessica physician; has affections for James Miller

John Johnson steel and electronic circuits

Joy Harvel techno-geek; data manipulator; @geekgirljoy

Katie Waters classy night news reporter

Kegan Louie Likes to think he owns the South Town District

Lenny taxi driver

Liberty long, straight jet-black hair; seems to manipulate energy with her mind?

Loraine madame; sex trafficker

Magpie white supremacist

Mason Taylor biotech investor and entrepreneur; Jennifer Taylor’s father

Mary Johnson the most devoted wife in the world (probably physically abused)

Ma Weston likes to think she owns the South Town District; a big woman with a big heart for money

Mr. Eel The Lecherous Mr. Eel loves young girls

Mal Chinese chemist; enslaved worker?

Min Chinese chemist; enslaved worker?

Missy Hauer works in evidence at the downtown PD; has strong teeth

Old John white supremacist

Oscar Wilding detective

Peter The Taylor’s tall, broad-shouldered butler; “Lurch”

Richard Banning FBI agent; infiltrator

Robert Bandler clinical hypnotherapist

Runako Fojer homicide detective

Salene LaClare the hag

Sargeant Cummier Atropolis City down PD; history from east England

Shep front desk clerk at Atropolis City downtown PD

Smiley former secret operative for the marines

Sonya Miller James’s wife; internationally renowned artist

Sounder douchebag

Stutter stutters; has scars all over his face (now)

Suzette Smith crack reporter for The Atropolis City Chronicle; favorite movie is Death Wish

Vanessa Heller school freak from the Sundry southside

Yegor Melnyk child psychiatrist from Ukraine; good friend of Charles Miller