The Violent Truth

The Violent Truth Book
Part of the The Atrocity Epic series:

“More gritty than The Dead Girl, Gabriel Kunkel puts you in the mind of a tormented Frankenstein’s monster…”
—Margaret Zinio, The Atropolis City Chronicle

Someone else is raising the murder rate in Atropolis City, but he’s killing the right people.

The city’s political and social order cracks at the seams. Disguised like a mummy, searching for a past he can’t remember, Dirtbag loves to torture and kill criminals. He’s working his way up to eliminate the corporate mobster at the top of a sex trafficking ring.

Crime journalist, Suzette Smith also has a taste for street justice. As she investigates Dirtbag, she quickly falls in love with the masked vigilante. Watched by the FBI, hunted by the police, Suzette and Dirtbag test the limits of their passion for violence. 

Will Dirtbag slay the corporate mobster at the center of it all before the police catch him? How far will he go to indulge the inner dark side? Will Dirtbag discover the truth of his mysterious past?

The Violent Truth is the 2ndbook in The Atrocity Epic, a series of interlocking stories progressing toward a catastrophic end, written by the journalist who lived it. If you crave suspense, secret societies, vigilante justice, and dark romance, buy now to dive into Dirtbag’s first story.