The Dead Girl

Book Cover: The Dead Girl
Part of the The Atrocity Epic series:

After surviving the deaths of his wife and daughter, James is ready to move on, but his daughter’s “ghost” isn’t. What would you do to save your daughter from a fate worse than death?

James Miller lives the American Dream with his wife and their daughter Ava, but all of it crashes down when masked men invade their home, murder his wife and abduct Ava. This horrible crime draws national attention. No one can find Ava.

Lingering questions about what happened leaves James devastated. Ava’s remains are finally found. James begins to heal and leave the past behind, when his daughter appears to him in a horrifying vision, begging for help.

He can’t let his daughter down again. There is some secret behind her death. In his urgent quest for answers, he enlists help from a clairvoyant prostitute, an unconventional hypnotist, a dangerous assasin, and a special forces military officer. 

Love for your child survives even the grave. James will stop at nothing to save The Dead Girl.

The Dead Girl is the first book in The Atrocity Epic, a series of interconnecting stories progressing toward a catastrophic end, written by the journalist who lived it. If you crave suspense, secret societies, and page-turning action then buy now.

“When you’re sucked into thrilling thrillers like Gabriel Kunkel’s The Dead Girl, you’ll discover a new level. How much suspense can you stand? You’ll want to get yourself a copy and start reading now.”

—Margaret Zinio, The Atropolis City Chronicle